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Association Committees

External Partnerships Committee

This committee would work to better understand innovative initiatives, external challenges, and emerging opportunities for collaboration, while building understanding and strengthening relationships between trustees and local, state, and national leaders. The committee would dialogue with local, state, and national strategic partners including but not limited to:

  • K-12 leaders
  • Employer-partners
  • Chamber officials
  • County board members
  • Presidents Association
  • Higher education leaders
  • Association of Community College Trustees
  • Community and Faith-Based Organizations
  • Other stakeholders and partners

Through its work, the committee would advocate on behalf of the colleges, as well as serve as a conduit of information, to help inform our ongoing advocacy efforts with policymakers. The External Partnerships Committee would receive periodic briefings from the chair of the Presidents’ Association External Partnerships Subcommittee, in order to facilitate and coordinate the work of the two committees. This committee would also be responsible for generating programming input for Association staff to develop for in-service sessions. Each district would be asked to appoint one to four members to serve as part of the External Partnerships Committee.

Internal Best Practices Committee

This committee would share and discuss best practices information internal to the technical college system on topics of interest to the members. Past topics that might be appropriate for this committee could include:

  • Board and Association best practices around new member orientation;
  • “Boardsmanship,” or how to be effective at the board table, legal and ethical parameters, and other skillsets;
  • Human resources and employee compensation best practices;
  • Student services best practices (mental health, veterans services);
  • Instructional services best practices (career pathways, credit for prior learning, Promise programs); and
  • Other emerging trends and topics

With support from staff, the committee co-chairs would be expected to set agendas, facilitate dialogue and small-group breakout discussions as needed, and solicit input from members on topics of interest or possible projects. Led by the co-chairs, the Internal Best Practices Committee would also be responsible for generating programming input, suggesting topics for Association staff to develop for in-service sessions. Each district would be asked to appoint one to four members to serve as part of the Internal Best Practices Committee.

Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee

The Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Committee, as set forth in Article IX of the Bylaws, reviews the Association’s Bylaws, Policies and Procedures and recommends changes to the Board of Directors when appropriate.

The Committee has additional specific assignments:

  • At the Board of Directors’ request, develop a select list of major issues on which the Board of Directors may request member consideration.
  • At the request of the Board of Directors, committee chair, or an individual unit member of the Association, review a proposed resolution or proposed change in the corporate bylaws, policies or procedures for the purpose of recommending whether the proposed language will accomplish the desired effect and/or whether the proposed change would require amendment of any other portion of the corporate bylaws, policies, or procedures.
Awards Committee

The Awards Committee has responsibility for identifying and recognizing:

  • Board Member of the Year;
  • Technical Education Champion (TECh) Award recipients;
  • Media Award recipients;
  • Distinguished Alumni of the Year;

The Board of Directors shall approve an awards rating committee. Each unit member district will select its own member to review and rate nominations for the Association awards program. Members will serve in this role for one year and can be re-appointed indefinitely. The Committee will determine, select the recipients of, and deliver the corporation’s annual awards. The members will select award recipients by rating official award nominations, and Association staff will announce the nomination period for each award. At the end of the nomination period, the Association will provide committee members with a slate of nominees eligible for the award and with corresponding nomination materials. Committee members will rate the nominations according to criteria for each award. The Association will then tabulate the results of the award rating and announce the winner. When possible, awards will be presented at the next quarterly meeting of the Association. Committee members will be expected to rate awards during a time period outside of the Association meetings.